Electronic Control Systems

Modern vehicles and engines feature electronic control systems, providing a high degree of precision in system control, the ability to work together with other control systems, and the capability to analyse faults with components within the system. Such control systems typically comprise electronic hardware with embedded software and can be customised to the specific application.

Prototype Control Systems

We can quickly and efficiently deliver prototype and “proof of concept” control systems. Such systems are typically delivered via rapid prototyping techniques and with the use of modular control software. A range of highly flexible off-the-shelf hardware is available for single and very low volume control systems, whilst bespoke or adapted hardware can be delivered where necessary.

Production Control Systems

Production control systems are developed in accordance with appropriate standards for functional safety and hardware/software development. All systems are supplied fully verified and are validated in line with client requirements. The use of advanced development techniques allows us to deliver complete production control systems in short timescales.

Partial Systems

We are able to deliver individual elements of electronic control systems. For example, if a new strategy is required for an existing control system, or if existing embedded software requires modification, then we have a flexible approach that can be tailored to such requirements.


We are able to deliver a range of embedded electronic control systems to suit powertrain, chassis and body control applications. A key advantage is the ability to develop production level engine management systems, compliant with latest European and USA emissions and diagnostics legislation.